mrrk ︎︎︎ mark van gennip (b.1979) is a dutch artist & designer based in amsterdam ︎︎︎ ︎︎︎ instagram

drawings + small paintings ︎︎︎ most recent
autonomous work in coloured pencil, ink + acrylic,
sometimes slightly digitally edited afterwards

so this is amsterdam (+ other cities) for you ︎︎︎ ongoing project
a project where I digitally manipulated facades + windows to show what I see and would love to see,
I took out all the noise and visual distractions and tried to make it even more beautiful than it already is

inkstorm ︎︎︎ 2008 / 2011
graduation project which continued as a silk scarf collection,
where I manually interrupted the digital printing technique on fabrics by releasing storms of ink

brand + product ︎︎︎ commissioned work
part of the start of sunglass brand GOBI,
creative direction and product development and all technical aspects

graphic + identity ︎︎︎ commissioned work
different visual identity projects through the years

textile + print ︎︎︎ commissioned work
different projects through the years,
for fashion brands, video, wallcovering + interior

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